Serenity to Laugh–T-Shirt Ideas

21 Mar

In keeping with my tagline “God, Grant Me the Serenity to Laugh at Life”… are some new Sobrietease-related t-shirt/bumper sticker ideas I’ve come up with:

-Jose Cuervo–I Kicked Your Ass

-Ben and Jerry Can Kick the Shit Out of Bartles and James

-I Got My Memory Back-ardi

-Margarita Was a Ho

-Jack Daniels is for Sissies. Real Men Drink Fresca

-Absolut Jackass

-I Stoli Your Hangover

-Captain Morgan Was a Wuss

-I’ll Have a Martini—Hold the Gin. And the Vermouth. Screw It— Just Give Me a Bowl of Olives

-Manhatten? Try a Harlem Instead

-Bloody Mary? Gee That Sounds Good….NOT

-7 & 7 Equals Coke Zero

-Water–The New ‘It’ Drink

-Tom Collins is Phil Collins’ Evil Twin

-It’s 8am Somewhere

-Kiss Me I’m Sober

-I Lost My Mohijo

-Sober. The New Drunk  (I can’t take credit for this one-a friend said it)

-Why Don’t We Not Get Drunk and Screw Tonight?

-Do You Want Salt and Lime With That Seltzer Shot?

-Fuzzy Navel? TMI

-Holy Shit! Is That What You Really Look Like??

-I Wasn’t a Blackout Drinker….As Far As I Can Remember…..


Stay strong.


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